Going Through the Change Doesn't Have to Suck!!

Going Through the Change Doesn't Have to Suck!!

Are you like me?  For years you have enjoyed eating whatever, exercising (maybe or maybe not), drinking all the things you love including soda, juice, coffee drinks, alcohol?  You’ve done fine, managed your weight ok, right?  But then something happened!!! You turned 40 or 45 or 50 and things went downhill.  Weight started creeping on, maybe slowly or, YIKES!!!!  Really fast!!!!  And, it’s everywhere but maybe more around the middle or the upper thighs and butt.  You may also have trouble with sleeping, or not thinking clearly or appetite changes or hair falling out or I could go on and on!!!!

You go to your medical provider, all torn up because you hate the way you look and feel and you can’t seem to turn back the clock to your old self!!!  Your provider runs some labs.  Everything comes back normal and you are told, “you are fine, healthy, unfortunately, it’s just part of getting old”.  You are told to exercise more, eat less, stop the sugar and carbs and you will be fine.  

Can anybody say an AMEN?  But what is next?  Do we just lay down and say “Oh well, I guess I’m dying slowly!!!!”?  “This is part of life!!!”   NO!!!!  We stand up and do something about it!!!

I would like to share some information with you that will help you interact with your provider.  First you need to answer some questions that will narrow the focus and point to a solution.  These questions will help determine which labs may need to be drawn.   The point is to see if there is a hormone imbalance that could be corrected with medication or supplements.  If your provider doesn’t want to order these labs, then find someone who will!!!

So, let’s start with these questions you will find in my free Hormone Checklist!  After you have answered the questions, let's schedule a 1:1 consultation to review.  If you would like, I can jump on a call with you and go through the questions personally to help you get them answered. Hope to see you on the other side!  


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