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Who am I and why does it matter?

As a product of the late 60's and 70's I experimented with weed.  I smoked a lot and had no rhyme or reason why except for maybe a bit of rebellion and excitement. 
I stopped using weed on May 6, 1990 after having a personal encounter with Christ.  You see, I knew using daily could potentially jeopardize my family since it was illegal and I was unable to break the habit on my own. Jesus helped me and I steered clear of the plant for almost 30 years. 

What changed for me was going through breast cancer, the plant becoming legal for medical use in Illinois and through my own career experience of being a Physician Assistant, I knew there was much benefit in using natural plant medicine in many cases versus pharmaceuticals. But I didn't know enough so I enrolled in a couple of certified programs to learn about the plant and how and why it works.

As a result, I am a  Certified Cannabis Coach and Educator.  I am also a Certified Aromatherapist so I have a good understanding of plant medicine.

Because of my profession as a medical provider, my mission continues in this way but in using plant medicine instead.  I'm not against pharmaceuticals, but I feel most providers do what they are taught and that is mask the issue with a chemical to try to feel better.  There are certainly many situations where you need your medications but what if using essential oils or CBD or cannabis could help?  Wouldn't you want that?  

Since I started using cannabis again, there have been so many ways it has worked!
  • I sleep like a baby and don't have to use prescription sleep aides
  • My vaginal health is improving using cannabis suppositories
  • When I have muscle soreness I turn to topical cannabis application or CBG ( a cannabinoid in the plant)
  • Hot flashes are improving
  • I am more creative 
Being a Certified Cannabis Coach and Educator, I can help you find that sweet spot that addresses your health concerns while staying safe and confident in the choices we are making.
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