The perfect gift isn't always easy to find, but we've got you covered!  With our wide variety of gifts ideas including kitchen gear and reading material for your favorite spot on the couch you are sure to find something for someone, maybe even yourself!!  There are options for your furry family member too!  The best part about these products? They're all tested winners with reviews from happy customers like yourself who want their friends (and families) to enjoy them too.  For the health and wellness enthusiast in your life, these are the perfect Christmas gifts!

1.  Ardent
Meet the Ardent FX all-in-one, portable canna-kitchen! Backed by science, the FX is perfect for the Cannabis Lover, Home Chef, Wellness-Obsessed, Edible Enthusiast, Gadget Guru, and more. This new DIY device fully activates your plant material (97 – 100%), including flower, kief, concentrate, stems, and more, and has settings to infusecook and bake right inside. It is precise and dependable and takes all the guesswork out!

2.  CBD from Nuvita
From Nuvita:  In case you missed the memo... we are a little obsessed with serving others, giving back, and doing our part to uplift everyone around us. That is why every month we donate a portion of all proceeds to a different charity, organization, or cause that does just that. 
Specifically, our focus has been on putting an end to human trafficking, once and for all! No one deserves to be sold.  

So not only do you get a high quality CBD product but you get it from a Woman owned business that cares about others. These products are organic and tested to ensure safety to you the consumer.

3.  CBD & other cannabinoids from

Healer is One of the Most Trusted Brands in Medical Cannabis 

Today, hundreds of thousands of people rely on for trusted cannabis and hemp education. Thousands of dispensary agents, healthcare providers and interested consumers have completed the Healer Certified training program. And, the Healer team is united in Healer’s mission to help you feel your best every day by delivering affordable, safe, and effective products with science-based education on how to best use them.  You can be confident in ordering from this company. 

4.  Great Books for Learning about Cannabis

Supplies to use to make your own plant medicine products

Now for your Furry Family Members

Young Living!  The Best Oils on the Planet!!
Musculoskeletal Support Bundle
Sleep Support Bundle

Last but not least
this is a gorgeous, elegant diffuser that will not disappoint and will surely spoil your favorite someone!!!

One more thing!!!
This is pretty special!  It's a different way to address 850 diagnoses.  It is the WAVWatch.  This device uses sound frequency to reach different organs and cells in the body.  Our bodies are alive with frequencies and respond to different sounds either negatively or positively.  This watch is easy to wear and you can work on all kinds of issues just by wearing it. I know it all sounds a little strange, but our bodies are unique, created by a God who has a wonderful imagination, so why wouldn't something like this work to help restore and recover health issues we deal with?  And you can save $100 with this link.  Click the image below.

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