My Ah Ha Moments!

Hello!  My name is Shoshana, I've been married to my husband, Doc Church for 41 years!!!! We have 3 adult children and 5 grandsons.  We have a dog named Jack and 4 cats, Sherman, Henry and Hazel and Rona. We recently added a new member to the animal menagerie!  A little Aussie Doodle named Casper McDoodle!  It's like having a new born and toddler all at once!!

I have exercised faithfully since I was 23 years old (which is a long time ago).  I am quite active in my church as drama director and back up vocals on the praise team.  I have, for the most part, chosen a life of healthier choices and exercise. Since this journey started I have completed the foundations level of Aromatherapy Certification!!!!  


I started using Young Living Essential Oils in August 2015.  People had been asking me if I knew anything about them for a couple of years before I finally met someone I trusted who shared Young Living with me.  Why would anyone really care about what I thought about essential oils?  Because I am a Physician Assistant and people ask me all kinds of questions about anything health related.  I wanted to know about them but when I googled EO's, it was overwhelmingly confusing, so, I just did nothing.  Until I bought my own starter bundle of oils and a diffuser and that's when my life changed!!!!


My first "Ah Ha" moment was with lemon oil.  I started drinking a drop or two in my water everyday and after about 2 weeks the nagging feeling in my stomach was gone!!!  It had been there for months and months.  It had to be the lemon oil!  I had no other explanation!  


The second "Ah Ha" moment was with Panaway.  I had sprained my knee while out for a morning walk/jog/wog.  By the end of the day it was hurting so bad it hurt to stand, sit, walk, you name it!  Aching throbbing discomfort was what I felt.  I put Panaway on it and after sitting in the car for a 20 minute ride, I couldn't believe the difference in the way it felt when I stood up!   The aching was gone!! Vanished!!!  


My third "Ah Ha" moment was with Thieves.  My grandson had some swelling, redness and a little bit of green discharge on the edge of the toenail.  This is called paronychia. in the medical community and normally you would soak in Epsom salts, put some antibiotic ointment on it and most likely take an antibiotic. Well, it was the beginning of the weekend and the office was closed so I figured I would try the Thieves!!! After 3 applications it was dramatically different. He didn't need any of the above management options.


After all this, I knew there had to be something to those magical drops of plant oils!!!!!  I was bound to learn more and see what they could do for me and my family for health and wellness.  In November I went for my routine mammogram and yes, I got the most dreaded news possible!! I had breast cancer!!!!  It was caught early, Stage I, DCIS ER+PR+HER2- cancer.  It required a lumpectomy, removal of 4 lymph nodes and 33 radiation treatments.  During the treatment time, I spent a lot of time reading and researching the oils, determining the best ones for my situation.  I was blown away!!!!


The other thing you need to know about me (and it is the most important thing) is that I love Jesus more than anything.  He changed my life so much when I gave it to him!!!!  That's another whole story in itself. The point is that Jesus has plans for all of us.  His plan, knowing I would face breast cancer, was to give me His tools to help me get through the journey and make it to the other side.    Frankincense, Hinoki, Stress Away, Hong Kuai are the ones that got me through.


I have had the opportunity to educate many people about the oils.  I use them everyday for my own health.  I just had my follow-up mammogram which I am thanking Jesus was negative! Frankincense is my best friend and I credit that for having that negative mammogram!!! I apply it directly to the involved breast.  But more on that later!!!!

If you like what you have read, if any of this resonates with you, then let's connect!


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