If you enjoy making your own cannabis products including infusions and tinctures and baked goods then look no further.  This device does it all for you.  It decarboxylates THC & CBD at the perfect temperature.  It infuses and you can bake small treats in the device as well.  This link will give you $30 off.

This company is the baby of Dr Dustin Sulak.  He has written several books on the topic of CBD and Cannabis and has created these safe and reliable products.  Click this link to order


This website has some fabulous CBD products.  You can also run this as a business if you want!  Click the link to order


This watch uses sound wave frequencies to address 850 different health concerns!  Click this link to purchase and use the code 
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For pure Seed to Seal Essential Oils, supplements, personal care products and the well-known Thieves line of products, check it out!
Kitchen Supplies
If you like making your own gummies and you go!

Lecithin helps stabilize your homemade goods & increases the bioavailability of THC

These molds are cute and they include a dropper to easily drop your liquid in the mold!  Mess free!!

Coconut oil is great for infusion not only using cannabis but also medicinal flowers and herbs

Growing Supplies
If you have a legal medical cannabis card in your state, you should be able to grow some plants

These cubes can be used to start seeds and then moved into hydroponic or soil for growing

You have to have a good pair of trimmers
These are necessary to help control humidity of your harvested product
Pet stuff
Because we have a dog and lots of cats!!

I slap this on the window with some peanut butter or pumpkin spread on and am able to brush my Aussie Doodle.  Keeps him occupied!!

Extremely affordable harness and leash. Clips on the back

My Aussie Doodle learned how to use these bells after only a couple of tries!